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Happy Monday!

ARIES: Get ready to take action. If you have been feeling held back, life is about to change in a big way. Get and be prepared to reach for what you want.

TAURUS: Life should be getting easier within the next few weeks. Expect to see rewards and results for all of your hard work and endeavors.
GEMINI: You have had plenty of time to make choices and decisions now it is time to follow through on those decisions. Procrastination is no longer an option.
CANCER: You now have the opportunity to build, grow, and expand. If you require financing to reach your goals, money may become unexpectedly available.
LEO: You are powerful during this time. Use your authority and power wisely. Others will look to you to lead and may ask your advice or counsel.
VIRGO: Do not allow others to take advantage of you. Speak up and insist that others do their fair share.They may initially act disagreeable, but in the end, you will gain their respect.
LIBRA: You might at least want to listen to what others have to say even if you don’t take their advice. Pay attention to what is going on around you.
SCORPIO: You may be presented with a new job opportunity. Whether or not the new position is all that you believe it to be will only be determined by researching the company and following your gut instincts.
SAGITTARIUS: You could meet a very exciting person over the next two weeks who not only gets but holds your attention.
CAPRICORN: This is not the best to run a risk. It would be better to a more conservative approach to reaching your goals.
AQUARIUS: If something or someone is no longer serving a purpose in your life, you may decide to release the situation or the person and begin anew.
PISCES: You would be better served to follow your own instincts than the advice of another. Trust yourself.

Happy Sunday Friends!

Aries: Expect invitations and opportunities to socialize whether for business or pleasure.

Taurus: Your motivation is running high, and you may even influence someone else to take up the torch.

Gemini: You may find yourself chasing others around in order to get their cooperation today.

Cancer: You may find that you are susceptible to having a series of missteps today.

Leo: Expect people to congratulate you on your accomplishments today!

Virgo: Someone from your past could resurface and cause you some emotional turmoil.

Libra: Begin to take stock of where you are in your life and plot a new course for the future.

Scorpio: You may be mentored by a woman of influence who is looking to take you under her wing and guide you through the use of her experience.

Sagittarius: You may be called upon to break the ice and help lighten the mood in a social situation.

Capricorn: This could be a very good day for you to take a bow and enjoy the respect of your peers.

Aquarius: A skill or talent you haven’t used in a long time could be called into play today.

Pisces: You could find yourself caught in a karmic situation today involving an intense relationship.

Thank Goodness it is Friday!

ARIES: If you suspect someone is not being truthful, dig a little deeper. But don’t say a word until you have proof.

TAURUS: You could be unpleasantly surprised with an unexpected bill. Check to make sure the amount is correct.
GEMINI: It might not be the best time to have an important conversation with a superior.
CANCER: You might be anxious to see a change, but you would be wise to be patient as the timing is not yet right.
LEO: If you have children, they may be disruptive due to arguing and quarreling over minor matters. Try to restore peace without punishment.
VIRGO: You may be congratulated and told what an amazing job you have done. Keep up the good work.
LIBRA: This is a good weekend to take some time for yourself and work on your favorite hobby or project.
SCORPIO: Who said you are not a superhero! Of course, you can juggle several situations at the same time and see great results.
SAGITTARIUS: Make sure all of your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed. This is not the best day to make mistakes.
CAPRICORN: You might want to spend some time with a close family member or friend. Especially if you have been feeling a little down in the dumps.
AQUARIUS: Someone could take you by surprise and sweep you right off our feet today.
PISCES: Relax and enjoy a quiet weekend. It’s time to recharge. You might want to curl up with a good book.

Happy Hump Day!

ARIES:  A good friend or family member could be making a very big move or change in residence.

TAURUS:  A good luck or winning streak appears to be on the horizon. Capitalize on it.
GEMINI: Many social invitations are on the horizon. Better make sure that your dancing shoes are ready to go.
CANCER: If you are due to travel for business, you should be successful in your ventures.
LEO: A birth announcement could come as an unexpected surprise.

VIRGO: You may decide to take a trip with a good friend. It could be the trip of a lifetime.

LIBRA:  Situations seem to be repeating themselves. If they are positive, enjoy it. If negative, get to the bottom of the problem and eliminate it.
SCORPIO:  You could be coming into some extra money over the next few weeks through your effort.
SAGITTARIUS: You may decide to purchase a new vehicle either because of necessity or desire.
CAPRICORN:  A legal document may come in the mail. It would be best to take care of the situation as soon as possible.
AQUARIUS: Communication is highlighted. Reach out to someone you have been missing.
PISCES: Help others whenever possible. All good deeds are eventually rewarded

Happy Tuesday, which is better than Monday!

ARIES: You might plan to host a celebration or party in honor of a younger family member.

TAURUS: If you are involved in a legal matter you can expect a favorable resolution.

GEMINI: You could possibly begin a relationship with someone at a distance.

CANCER: Fasten your seat belt because your life is due to make some unexpected changes in very positive ways.
LEO: You may be experiencing a communication problem with your significant other. If a situation is confusing or unclear ask for an explanation.
VIRGO: If you have a problem it is better to share it with someone. Two heads are better than one.
LIBRA: Someone you know may decide to enlist in the military possibly a family member.
SCORPIO: Expect someone to announce an engagement shortly.
SAGITTARIUS: Growth and expansion will change your life over the next year.
CAPRICORN:  You might decide to invest in a new computer system so that you could begin a business venture.
AQUARIUS: You could have an opportunity to tutor or mentor an individual or a group of people.
PISCES:  You social life is due to pick up. You will find yourself surrounded by many interesting people.

Happy Monday!

ARIES: You could find yourself engaged in a conversation with someone who has your attention and you like it.

TAURUS: If you have been waiting for a message  from someone special, your wait could be over.
GEMINI: If you have been looking for employment it appears the stars aligning in your favor.
CANCER: You may be taking your relationship to the next level. Growth and expansion is all around you. Watch the waistline.
LEO: You may be thinking about taking on the responsibility of a pet. Whether this is solely your idea or a joint decision the rewards can be wonderful.
VIRGO: You may be thinking about or invited to join a neighborhood organization or charity.
LIBRA: This is a great time to learn to do something that you always wanted to do. Say yes once in awhile and enjoy.
SCORPIO: Your feelings may be highlighted today. Pay attention to your intuition and follow your feelings.
SAGITTARIUS: You could be feeling good about your life right now. Your popularity is increasing, and people around you want your time and attention.
CAPRICORN: You might want to prepare yourself for a busy work week. You might want to organize your calendar right away.
AQUARIUS: You could decide to spend a quiet evening with a family member and catch up.
PISCES: If you believe in yourself, you can make it happen. Take a chance.

It is Sunday, enjoy your day because Monday is creeping up on us!

ARIES: Someone close to you may be moving into a new home.

TAURUS: You may be saving up for something very special when someone offers you a part time opportunity.
GEMINI: Plans could change due to a minor illness.
CANCER: You could decide to take dance lessons with a significant other. Or alone you may get lucky and meet a special someone.
LEO:  You may be shopping for baby gear or nursery supplies either for yourself or as a gift.
VIRGO: There may be some marital or relationship discord around you. Think before acting or giving advice. Try to see all sides.
LIBRA: You may be preparing to become an empty nester, or your youngest may be starting school. Cheer up as you will have much to be proud of.
SCORPIO: Someone may be whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Prepare for romance.
SAGITTARIUS: It appears that someone may give you a gift for your home. They must have been paying attention.
CAPRICORN: You might be feeling a little restless today and want to do something exciting. It ‘s good for you to live a little.
AQUARIUS: Try not to sign contracts without legal advice. If the contract is financial, think twice.
PISCES: You may have to encourage a family member who has not been feeling well to seek medical advice.

Happy Saturday!

ARIES: It might be time to check the credit score especially if you are planning on making a major purchase.

TAURUS: A new job opportunity could require a change in residence. You just might be looking at many new beginnings if you are open to change.
GEMINI: You might need the support or help of another person to push your agenda through or to complete your project.
CANCER: If you are considering or involved in any type of legal action, seek good advice and follow it.
LEO: A relationship that you thought was over could resurface. It might be worth taking a second look.
VIRGO: A new opportunity may present the need for you to choose between two people or situations.
LIBRA:  A decision or argument that you thought was behind you could resurface and may need to be re decided.
SCORPIO: This could be the perfect weekend to try a new restaurant or hot spot. Good times are almost guaranteed.
SAGITTARIUS: You may get accolades for work well done. You have good reason to be filled with pride.
CAPRICORN: Someone at a distance may extend an invitation.
AQUARIUS: A woman could play fairy godmother and grant a wish.
PISCES: You might be thinking about updating your wardrobe and your look. This weekend would be good for a little retail therapy.

Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

ARIES: You may sense that someone is trying to cause a problem for you by speaking behind your back. Watch and wait and all will be revealed by month’s end.

TAURUS: You or someone around you may be shopping for a significant piece of jewelry. A celebration could be in the air.
GEMINI: A recent disappointment may unexpectedly turn around, and your wishes could come to pass making you extremely happy.
CANCER: You may decide to get or renew your passport in the hopes of traveling abroad next year.  It wouldn’t hurt to start a wish board.
LEO: You may be worried about passing an examination.  Less worry more studying and work. If you are concerned about a child’s grades, perhaps a tutor is in order.
VIRGO: A situation that you thought was behind you may very well resurface. It can be frustrating but take the time to look at it with new eyes, and tackle the problem once again.
LIBRA: This could be a very happy time for you in a relationship as love is highlighted this month. Engagements, weddings and anniversaries are the keywords for August.
SCORPIO: Someone may come to you to discuss a relationship problem. It might be best to simply listen as this could become a complicated situation.
SAGITTARIUS: You may receive some good news from a professional you recently had a consultation with.
CAPRICORN: Someone may be considering a part time job to purchase a new vehicle.
AQUARIUS: You may receive advice or guidance from someone at a distance. People want to see you succeed.
PISCES: You may meet someone new in the workplace. It is possible that an attraction could develop. Best check your H R manual.

It is Thursday, which means the weekend is getting closer!

ARIES: Tired of waiting for change or improvements you could decide to bring a long term problem or difficulty to an end. 
TAURUS: You could receive an unexpected message from an old admirer.
GEMINI:  It seems that you may be plagued with a plumbing problem. Engaging a plumber or renovating a bathroom could be on your agenda.
CANCER: If you have recently come into some money or received a sizable raise you might be looking to make some investments at this time. Either way, all Cancers could be taking a hard look at how they handle their finances.
LEO: Be careful of someone spreading false information especially if it was written.
VIRGO: You could have a meeting with someone in a position of authority who may offer you a big opportunity.
LIBRA: You may take an unexpected trip to help a family member or friend.
SCORPIO: You could meet someone that you feel an immediate connection to. It might be worth pursuing.
SAGITTARIUS: If you have children you may have a reason to feel quite proud of them. Celebrate their awards and accomplishments.
CAPRICORN: If you or anyone close to you has been suffering from an illness, seek the advice of a credible professional.
AQUARIUS: You might be making travel plans with a special someone from a distance.
PISCES: Family may be coming to visit you, or you are going to them. A family reunion may be in your immediate future.

Happy Hump Day!

ARIES:  You might get the chance to redo something that didn’t go very well the first time around. Remember do overs can be good and deliver the right outcome.

TAURUS: Partnerships are favorable working with others could deliver great results. On a personal level, you may make a new friend.

GEMINI: You may have reached a goal whether with a weight loss program, exercise regime or kicking a bad habit. Celebrate your achievement.
CANCER: You may receive an apology from someone who has wronged you at the very least you will get justice.
LEO: Keyword for the day is Harmony. If there have been any family problems or disagreements, they should be sorting themselves out.
VIRGO: You could be thinking of applying for a credit line. Don’t forget to check those credit scores first and search for the best rates.
LIBRA: If you own a business or are in a position of running a company, you may considering an update to your company’s website and media profile.
SCORPIO: If you have been unhappy with a career choice or educational pursuit, you may decide to change directions. You know what they say,”Better late than never.”
SAGITTARIUS: You might want to bide your time before pressing forward with a new idea. Wait and gauge the reaction of others before proceeding.
CAPRICORN: Today could be fun and very social. You might want to make the most out of it by either extending invitations or joining the party.
AQUARIUS: You may feel like you are experiencing a few setbacks. Try to examine the cause of your feelings to see if they accurately depict the situation.
PISCES: If you have decided to begin an exercise regime, invest in a good pair of athletic shoes in order to prevent injury.

Happy Tuesday!  Have a great day and at least it isn’t Monday!

ARIES: You could get caught up in a group discussion or argument. It might be in your best interest to avoid the entire situation.

TAURUS: If you have been struggling with making changes. It appears the Universe is about to guide you and give you a poke in the right direction.
GEMINI: An unexpected repair may cause you to reconstruct your financial budget for the next few months.
CANCER: If you believe someone is lasting, by all means, speak up. Take all the necessary steps to rectify the situation.
LEO: Prepare for a shakeup on the work front. This could be favorable for you when the dust finally settles.
VIRGO: If you have a misunderstanding with a loved one today, try to remain calm. Sticking to the facts will bring the disagreement to a resolution.
LIBRA: You might be saving up for a very large purchase perhaps a down payment on a house or other property.
SCORPIO: You should be feeling pleased with recent accomplishments. You will see greater progress as time progresses.
SAGITTARIUS: Others may expect you to work miracles today. Although you are able to successfully handle several tasks at a time, don’t allow others to take advantage of you.
CAPRICORN: You may say no to a new situation and opt to follow a more conservative path which will lead to greater and more lastly happiness.
AQUARIUS: You may decide to postpone a trip or put it on hold temporarily.
PISCES: This may not be the best time to make a major decision or commit to a plan. Better to bide your time and wait for a sign.

Happy Monday!  We hope you have a great work week!

ARIES: You may be signing a financial contract this week. All types of paperwork and contracts are favored.

TAURUS: You might be rewarding someone for their hard work and effort. People will assist you if asked.
GEMINI: A perfect day or night for snuggling with a loved one. Perhaps even a date night would help the two of you to reconnect.
CANCER: Sometimes you just have to make a change or cut your losses. It might be time to decide what your next step should be.
LEO: If you have been having too good of a time, you might consider rebalancing your priorities.
VIRGO: All forms of technology appear to be holding your attention.
LIBRA: Are you ready to gain some new experiences or to learn something new? It might be time to stretch yourself.
SCORPIO: You may receive a gift. People are feeling very loving toward you and may want you to know that you are appreciated.
SAGITTARIUS:  It’s great to be on a good routine, but sometimes you need a break. Try to stay balanced.
CAPRICORN: You or someone you know may be setting a commitment date or celebrating an anniversary.
AQUARIUS: The time may be fast approaching to decide whether or not you should make a change in residence.
PISCES: A surprise may come your way delivered by someone you have helped in the past.

It is Sunday; we hope it is everything you hoped it to be!

ARIES: Someone that you are attracted to may seek you out today. You are exuding an air of confidence which is translating into a sensual energy.

TAURUS: You could be reflecting on the meaning of life today.  Religion may play a major role in your day, or you may just be engaging in philosophical and esoteric conversations.
GEMINI: This would be a good time to have a girls day out.  Friendship, good times, and a few laughs seem to be in order. If you are a gentleman looking for a lady today could be your lucky day.
CANCER: You might find yourself involved with children and childhood activities. Today could be the right time to have a meaningful conversation with a minor.
LEO: You may put your handyman skills to the test today. Just don’t take on more than you can handle. Use all safety precautions.
VIRGO: You may be spending time with a father or father figure today. If the man is offering advice, you may want to consider taking it.
LIBRA: Extra income is on the horizon either a raise or bonus appears to be coming your way.
SCORPIO: If you suspect that there are changes underway at your place employment you may very well be correct. However, it appears to be good for you.
SAGITTARIUS: You could decide to take a nice relaxing drive today and explore new areas or towns.
CAPRICORN: You may choose to seek out a financial adviser to plan for the future.
AQUARIUS: You may be corresponding with someone who lives out of the country.
PISCES: If you are in a relationship, you could discover that this is the one.  Already involved the relationship may grow stronger. Single and looking? Get serious in your search.

Happy Saturday!  Whatever you are doing today, we hope you have a great day!

ARIES:  You may not be seeing eye to eye with a partner. Open and honest communication could resolve the issue before it escalates.
TAURUS: You or a family member may be receiving an award or certificate of recognition. Take the time to commemorate the award.
GEMINI: Try to be a bit more patient the news you are waiting for will arrive shortly.
CANCER: Someone may have forgotten that they made plans with you. You may want to remind them. Try not to take it personally.
LEO: If you have been so busy that you haven’t been able to take a break a well-deserved nap may be in your future. Try not to get too run down after all your body is not a machine.
VIRGO: If you are a collector you may discover a piece that you were hoping to purchase is now available. To say is a great day to spend on a hobby.
LIBRA: You could be spending some of your weekends working. But don’t forget your loved ones. Especially the one that makes your heart sing.
SCORPIO: You might wake up on the wrong side of the bed today. If you recognize that you are less than pleasant, you may want to crawl back into bed and get out of the proper side.
SAGITTARIUS: If you decide to go to a newly opened store or eatery, you may have to wait in line for some time. If you are not in the mood for crowds best to avoid congested areas.
CAPRICORN: You may decide to have a verbal exchange with an old friend today. It’s possible that the relationship was not left on the best terms.
AQUARIUS: Feeling adventurous? Call some buddies and have an adventure. Your mood is infectious.
PISCES: Having a conversation could shed plenty of light on a situation that has had you perplexed. It’s interesting how everything comes out into the open given enough time.