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Testimonial from Tracey from CT ( Nov 11,2016 )

have followed Carol St James’ blog for a few years, and saw she had a special on introductory readings ($25 worth every penny!!), so I decided to treat myself. I’ve since had a few more readings over the past couple of years, and they have been truly insightful, inspiring,  and very accurate. When looking back over the reading I can totally connect the dots, and it amazes me to no end. I have happily recommended her to close friends and family members who have not been disappointed either. 

I believe Carol is genuinely gifted,and has the integrity and sensitivity, that is conducive to accurate and supportive information to help you move forward, get “un-stuck”, or have some much needed clarity. 

Grateful I found Carol, you will be too!

Tracey, CT, USA

Amber from Charlotte, NC ( May 17,2013 )

Carol has been like a best friend and has helped me so much even when I wanted to pull my own hair out. Her sensitivity and understanding are amazing! You can tell she is there for you and to not only help you through your problems but to help you realize things from another point of view. Without my readings with her I honestly do not know where I would be and I cherish my next one that I have with her.

Bobby from Tallahassee, Florida ( Oct 09,2012 )

Carol truly has a gift. A gift that provides her clients with true insights and how to use that insight I can’t thank her enough

Dianne from La Quinta, California ( Jul 26,2012 )

I have gotten readings from Carol St. James for three years now and all of them have been extremely accurate. Not only does Carol see your life and future, but she also explains what is on the mind of the people around you. The details in the reading are always so telling that it is obvious that Carol is the best of the best. I have referred so many friends and family and they are now referring their friends and family to her for readings. Amazing work Carol!

Re from ( Feb 23,2012 )

I’ve had readings before and none of them compares to this one! Carol was very spot on with my situation, scarily accurate. She was very in tune and sensitive. She didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. She was also very helpful with guidance. I will be calling back!! Highly recommended!

Tracy from Milwaukee, WI ( Feb 20,2012 )

Every time I call I find this service to be amazingly accurate. It’s a little surprising on what they see. I have called several places and this place has been the only one that was able to give me accurate information. So accurate that within day’s things that they have explained to me will start to come to pass. I will recommend this service to anyone.

ELizabeth from Killeen Texas ( Dec 31,2011 )

Carol and Ceclyhas given me alot of insight into my relationship and family life. Everything she has told me has came to pass, so everyday when i wake up and think I just cant take it anymore, I remember there words and advice.Things in my life have been bleak but they have always told me things would work out and they have.

Susan from Fall River,Massachusetts ( Nov 12,2011 )

I have had readings from Carol for almost 15 years now. She is awesome. Great insight and I will go to her any time I need guidance.

Bernice from Florence, Oregon ( Oct 13,2011 )

I found Carol almost twenty years ago and without her insight and knowledge I’m not sure I would have made it through 16 years of raising grandchildren. Buying a home and going in a different direction career wise. I have her on speed dial just in case…She is amazing!!

Destrie from WEaBqatLJKBAD ( Jul 01,2011 )

At last, someone comes up with the “right” anwesr!

Tiffany from Baltimore, MD ( May 01,2011 )

I have been a client of Carol St. James since the fall of 2010. And I must say, everything we have discussed already come to pass. Everyone is warm, friendly, kind, and the rates are reasonable. I can’t wait to call for another reading. You guys are amazing!

Angela from Noblesville, IN ( Apr 04,2011 )

I have read with Carol twice now and have only great things to say about her!! Very accurate and very quick. Always fun to talk to!!

GAYLE from PUNTA GORDA, FL ( Mar 19,2011 )

I have consulted with Carol several times and she is right on the money. I had a terrible situation with my son and as much as I didn’t want to believe she was right about the fact I had to let it go or I would just suffer physical problems from the anxiety I finally did what she said to do and am feeling much better now!! Carol is a great reader!!

Nabii from Brooklyn,NY ( Mar 17,2011 )

My readings with Carol have been so amazing….andi am not easy on readers bci call in for confirmations with those who have a gift and Carol gives with her heart, and compassion…so right on! I had also one reading done with Anthony and he was so kind as well…and has the gift! I recommend them both highly bc it’s not easy to find light workers in the midst of chaos the world has created…but there is hope, and with love we can conquer all!! KEEP THE FAITH!! LOVE AND LIGHT!!

Linda from Boonville, Missouri ( Mar 15,2011 )

Carol and Co. are great always very curteous and accurate. It is like having a good friend to talk to.