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Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

ARIES: You may seize upon an opportunity to play matchmaker for a close friend. Try to curb your enthusiasm and let nature take its course. You may fair better by inviting several eligible people and allowing your friend to choose.

TAURUS: Karaoke anyone? If you find yourself practicing the scales, call the gang and go have some fun. Taurus can have an aptitude for singing and if that talent extends to you, by all means, go entertain your fans. If your vocals are not up to snuff go out, relax with your friends and enjoy the entertainment.

GEMINI: A special someone could be looking for a commitment. If you are unsure, just communicate your feelings and take your time. You may feel differently in a few months. If this is the one break out the champagne and celebrate.

CANCER: It’s not uncommon to feel tired before your birthday month. Consider this a great time to tie up some loose ends and just rest if you need to. When the sun enters your sign, you may be dancing until the break of dawn. Life will be far from boring!

LEO: Can there ever be such a thing as too much attention? Well yes, there can be. Everyone around you wants something right now. You might want to start handing out numbers.  Between family obligations, texts from friends, and work duties, you may want to find a closet and hide for a few hours. Don’t worry you’ve got this.

VIRGO: Time to clear out some space for overnight guests. It looks like someone would like to pay you a visit. Surprise! But this could be an incredible visit so relax and look forward to catching up. You may not realize how much you missed this connection until they leave.

LIBRA: Normally laid back don’t let someone push your buttons.  This person is just looking for a reaction from you and really can be very troublesome. Try not to show how annoyed you are as this just fuels their fire. The less you interact, the quicker they disappear.

SCORPIO: Karma is the best revenge. You may have an opportunity to settle an old score. Think before you act. It really may not be worth the effort. Sometimes it’s better to take the higher road and allow the other person to be seen for who they really are.

SAGITTARIUS: Find your voice today and suggest a new idea to your peers. You are by nature innovative and smart. Use your talents to inspire and impress others. Your efforts will be rewarded with praise and more.

CAPRICORN: You have been given a challenge, and you accept it readily. You can immediately determine what needs to be done. You plot your course and label all of the necessary steps to ensure your success.

AQUARIUS: Feeling bored today. You could be looking for some fun and excitement. Try not to get too carried away, or you may regret the result. Looking for a partner in crime best to call your best friend who is very good at keeping secrets while keeping you out of control.

PISCES: Psychic abilities are coming to the forefront today. Trust your gut. If it feels right, it is. If it feels wrong, it is.You may want to get more in touch with your talents. Do some research there are plenty of good sites online as well as books that can give you good information.

It’s Thursday and almost the weekend.

ARIES: Feeling chatty and friendly today why not spend some time socializing later today. Enjoying the company of others will recharge your battery and give you some inspirational ideas for the future. Most importantly have fun.

TAURUS: Love is in the air, and you could find yourself sharing your feelings with a special loved one. Not always the best communicator but today the words flow easily, and you could be very persuasive in any debate that you decide to engage in.

GEMINI:  With the sun, moon, and Mars in your sign what could go wrong? Nothing! You are flying high and enjoying every moment of it.You could easily further you ideas today because others are receptive to whatever you say.

CANCER: Guard your feelings today as someone may speak without thinking. Don’t brood over it, but if it continues to bother you talk it over with the responsible party. A quiet evening at home with a good meal should put you in a better mood. The situation should improve within a few days.

LEO: If you are looking to be the center of attention, you can easily achieve your goal today. You are stepping into the world with purpose and determination. Basically turning heads wherever you go. Not a day to stay home. Go out and be noticed.

VIRGO: You may be healing from an injury so take it easy and baby yourself a bit. Enjoy a guilty pleasure and relax relax relax. You will be up and running in no time. Most importantly stop worrying about dotting every I and crossing every T. Take a few days and then you will be able to regain control once again.

LIBRA: Diplomacy is today’s keyword. Trying to keep peace whether it is at home or work could be very challenging today. Best to not ignore problems but to meet them head on. Convincing everyone to mind their tempers as well as their words will be your challenge today. The situation could get sticky, but you will successfully overcome the obstacles.

SCORPIO: You could be feeling bored. Doing the same thing every day can drain you. Plan something a little different so that you have an adventure to look forward to. A friend may suggest a weekend get away. Say yes for the sake of your sanity.

SAGITTARIUS: If you are suffering from a bad habit that you would like to break, making a commitment today, could lead you on the road to success. Bribing yourself with a future reward should ensure your success.

CAPRICORN: You could be signing an important contract today. Celebrate. You have worked hard to achieve your success and have much to be proud of. If you believe you are climbing the ladder of success rest assured you are.

AQUARIUS: You may feel sensual and sexual today. If in a relationship, enjoy the closeness and do something romantic and special. Alone get motivated and join a dating site. The best time to join is when you feel the spark.

PISCES:  If you are thinking about taking a class or furthering your degree, you could not have picked a better time.  Your attention span and focus is at an all-time high. Friends and family seem to be supportive and bolster your confidence. Go for it!

Happy Hump Day!

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ARIES: If buying an expensive item, don’t be afraid to negotiate a good price. Your ability to communicate and to be heard and understood runs high today so speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to take on a leadership role.

TAURUS: Luck will be ruling your day. Love is also in the air today. Maybe you can plan a long lunch with a certain someone. With Venus and the Moon in your signs optimism runs high so enjoy the feeling.

GEMINI: Today is a day of action. Take all of the thoughts and ideas that you have been thinking about and start enacting them in a strategic manner. Begin making plans for the future today.  Remember small baby steps will lead to the greater reward.

CANCER: If you have lent someone money, they may return it today. If not ask for it. Expect to finish up past business over the next couple of days. You may find yourself dwelling on the past or thinking about a certain someone. Don’t be too surprised if they reach out to you.

LEO: With the Moon in Taurus, you may feel the need to acquire a beautiful piece of jewelry. You will more than likely select a unique piece which reflects your good taste and style. Enjoy it you deserve it.

VIRGO:  Feeling jumpy? Throw yourself into work and use that nervous energy to get ahead and get the job done. Normally very composed feeling anxious may cause you concern. Don’t worry but should the feeling continue you may want to look into some yoga or meditation classes.

LIBRA:  You are due to meet several new interesting people over the next couple of weeks. Expand your horizons and your social life.  This week. You will get an invitation to attend an event hosted by an acquaintance. The key phrase for this week is” just say yes.”

SCORPIO: A natural born detective leave it to you to get to the bottom of a mystery today. While everyone is speculating, you have uncovered the truth all on your own using your refined powers of deductions. However, you might want to keep it to yourself and not spread the news.

SAGITTARIUS: If you have been feeling stifled, break out today and enjoy yourself. You may end up having a long conversation with someone from a foreign country whose viewpoint of life may be dramatically different from your own. Food for thought.

CAPRICORN: It may seem that life is getting away from you today. Take a deep breath and start a to-do list. Checking things off will make you feel more in control. A good day to schedule appointments and get your day to day life in order.

AQUARIUS: You may be tempted to overspend today on an unnecessary purchase. Think it over as you may regret the purchase later in the month. If you are looking to reward yourself, make a promise to purchase said item in 30 days. If by then you have changes your mind, take the money and invest it in savings.

PISCES: You may feel like making a delicious homemade meal today based on a new recipe. You have been known to be creative in the kitchen so enjoy the art of creating an edible work of art. Don’t forget to invite a few people over to enjoy it with you.

Happy Tuesday!

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ARIES: Your mood may feel muted today. No worries you can’t be on all of the time. Yearning for something luxurious? The sky is the limit. You might ant to start with a trip to the spa for a great massage to loosen those knots in your neck.

TAURUS: Today you feel very pleased with yourself. So much so that you may choose to celebrate how well you are handling life. Enjoy the celebration but try not to overindulge or you will regret it in the morning. You have worked hard it is good to reward yourself.

GEMINI: Someone comes to you with a problem, and you lend assistance asap. You may browse online for a new self-help book as you are always looking to improve yourself.Feeling very witty today, you may briefly consider a career in comedy.

CANCER: An invitation from someone at a distance may have you searching for a comfy Bed and breakfast. If you are finding it hard to focus today, a quick exercise break could very well clear up the mental confusion.

LEO: You may be the victim of the 2 B’s today. Bigger and Better. Don’t get too carried away when trying not to be outdone. Occasionally subtle and understated takes the prize. With the moon in Taurus, your good taste is sure to shine through.

VIRGO: You could find yourself playing caretaker today to either children or parents. If you do find yourself around sick people, take the necessary precautions. Keep your distance and wash those hands.

LIBRA: Today’s keyword is extravagance. Libra’s great taste combined with the Taurus moon could spell trouble for your wallet. Think and then rethink an expensive purchase. It might be better to plan for the expense rather than buy on a whim.

SCORPIO: You may have a genuine psychic experience today involving a deceased loved one. Your psychic radar is exceptionally high today. You have been knowing to tune into your gifts from time to time, but your abilities are increasing over time.

SAGITTARIUS: You may be thinking about a change in residence. Real estate is prominent in your chart over the next two months. It never hurts to research and get some ideas for the future.

CAPRICORN: Health matters have your attention today with the emphasis on nutrition. Being logical and practical you will more than likely make a plan and be able to stick to it. You will see good results with effort.

AQUARIUS: You could have a falling out with a pal today. Try not to make more of it than necessary.  It is very likely a miscommunication and can be easily resolved. You may feel more impatient than usual.

PISCES:  Someone may try to convince you to host a party at your home. Don’t overextend but you are a  very gracious and hospitable host.  You have a knack for making everyone feel at home. If you agree, the event will be a success.

It’s Monday!

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ARIES: An unexpected romance seems to be coming your way. If it’s an office romance, keep it secret for awhile. Your friends will wonder why you have a glow and a secret smile. Decisions, decisions this could be complicated!

TAURUS: All is right with the world. Give some thought to letting a bad relationship go. This is the beginning of a new year for year. Close the doors that are negative, and the universe will open up a new door for you.

GEMINI: You are attracting many potential romantic partners this month. They are drawn to your quick wit and ready smile. Just sit back and enjoy the attention. Mars is strong at the present time, so sexual energy appears to be at an all-time high.

CANCER: You could find yourself offered a position of authority. Although temporary, it may become a long-term position. A dependable and dedicated worker your efforts have been noticed. Don’t mind the jealous people simply ignore them.

LEO: You may feel like being the center of attention. Enjoy this feeling to the ffullest.  With the Moon in Aries, you may be more outspoken than usual. But your communication pays off because it shows those around you how very witty and intelligent you are.

VIRGO: A younger family member may pressure you to make a decision. Take your time and get more information before you agree. This could cause some family discord, but it is much better to err on the side of caution. You will be forgiven later when you are proven correct.

LIBRA: Don’t spread yourself too thin or take on too much additional work. Overload could lead to a meltdown later in the week. Slow and steady. Luck continues to be on your side but doesn’t take it for granted. Remember Lady luck is fickle.

SCORPIO: If you are asking,” Why Me? ” Simply call it karma. Pay your dues and move on. Karma can deliver rewards as well as punishments. So cheer up because a reward will come within the next month.

SAGITTARIUS: Not the best day to take shortcuts. If you are doing it do it right because people will notice. Feeling outdoorsy? Go for a walk and enjoy the sights. Don’t forget the repellent. You may decide that you would like to plant a small garden this would be a great way for you to commune with nature.

CAPRICORN: If you have been thinking about a job change do your research especially if you have been thinking about this for some time. Job opportunities should look favorable over the next few months, so it doesn’t hurt to look or hire a headhunter.

AQUARIUS: Fun! Fun! Fun! Spring is in the air. Summer is coming. It’s hard to take life seriously. If you have been considering adopting a fur baby, be practical in your consideration. Calculate the time required and then pick the perfect companion.

PISCES: Today you can do no wrong.  You are getting unexpected attention from friends, family member, and even strangers. Must be the energy you are giving off very positive. It’s okay to splurge today at mealtime you deserve it. Or should I say just deserts!

It’s the start of new week.

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ARIES: Get ready for adventure. Plan a trip even a day trip. Feeling energized and ready to take on the world. Expect some good news this week. People around you are admiring your style. Luck is also on your side for a bit so enjoy life when it flows easily.

TAURUS: With the sun leaving your sign you may feel a little deflated over the next couple of days. It’s okay to curl up and take a nap or read a good book. You will be feeling like yourself before too long. In the meantime, relax and pamper yourself. You deserve some R and R.

GEMINI: Get ready to be seen and heard the spotlight is on your Gemini. With the sun in your sign, expect increased energy, excitement, interaction, and attention. Enjoy yourself. Plan a party. Write a blog. Do a podcast. Surround yourself with like-minded people and let the fun begin.

LEO: Kind of a quiet day. A good time to putter around the house or enjoy nature. An unexpected phone call or message could send you into a tailspin. Nothing to worry about really-you always exercise control over situations and turn most into your advantage.

VIRGO: Getting ready for a family event may inspire you to do some redecorating in anticipation of the event.  You have an incredible eye for detail, so this project should not only be fun but rewarding.

LIBRA:  Might be a clumsy day so use caution and pay attention to what you are doing. Sometimes these transits last for a few days so take it easy. Otherwise, a very pleasant day consider some much-needed family time.

SCORPIO: In an unexpected turn of events, a critic may become an ally. Trust your instincts but take the help where you can get it. Your powers of perception are exceptionally keen today. Make a suggestion rather than a demand, and the outcome will favor you.

SAGITTARIUS: You could be feeling a surge of spirituality today. A humanitarian at heart. You may decide to get involved with a social reform or political challenge. Not one to back away from unfavorable odds the challenge just incites you to finish what you have started successfully.

CAPRICORN: If you are feeling more optimistic and chatty today, you can thank the sun in Gemini. Plan on expressing yourself to those in a position of authority this week. Plan what you would like to say rehearse it, and it will be well received.

AQUARIUS: Full steam ahead and don’t take any prisoners. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Lots of laughs and great conversation. Someone wants to whisper sweet nothings in your ear-enjoy.

PISCES: if you have been struggling with making a decision, cheer up. The universe is looking out for you by giving you some hints as to what you should do. Some information that you needed will be supplied, and you will make the decision with ease and confidence.

Happy Saturday, enjoy your day!

ARIES: Feeling excited. Not surprising. Venus is keeping you on your toes today but in a good way. Love is in the air, go for it. Enjoy yourself and bask in the admiration of a special someone.Feeling isolated don’t be afraid to extend an invitation. Let others know that you like their company and enjoy spending time with them.

TAURUS: You may be feeling quiet today as the sun is beginning to leave the sign of Taurus. Take stock of everything that has occurred during your birthday month and decide what goals you should begin for the future. The universe has given you some hints; it’s up to you to take action.

GEMINI: Get ready for the spotlight (sun) to shine on you. Run a risk take a chance if you are feeling lucky. This is your chance to truly shine and be noticed. Begin a new project, a new career, a new look. Use your imagination and begin to take a well-deserved journey that is yours alone. Smile you have luck on your side.

CANCER: Someone may come back into your life and apologize. It may feel good to clear the air. If the apology is coming from someone you were involved with, the sparks may still be there. You are loving and loyal by nature so exercise caution as the moon is in Pisces and all may not be as it appears.

LEO: Using your influence to help someone in need will be paid back ten times over in the future. Good karma is coming your way. Expect accolades for a job well done. If you are involved in a charitable organization, don’t be afraid to take the lead. You will shine.

VIRGO: Expect some good financial news over the next week. Not the best time to make long-term financial decisions wait several weeks when investments will be more profitable. You may also find yourself looking into life insurance and 401K investments. By all means, do your homework before committing.

LIBRA: If you have been putting on a few pounds no worries. Start an exercise program, and the weight will fall off in no time.  Strength training will make you feel in control and could help your mental focus. You may be feeling dreamy, and a bit spacey definitely take a break and regroup.

SCORPIO: Communication is at an all-time high. If you have been putting off a necessary conversation, this could be a good time to plan it. Beware of criticism because this will only cause the other party to dig their heels in.  The keywords are calm and confident. You will win the day.

SAGITTARIUS: You may find yourself doing those necessary chores that you have been putting off today. In retrospect, this will be a good thing, because you are getting much more social next month, and you will not want to be bothered with such mundane matters.

CAPRICORN: Feeling a bit out of control? Certainly not the norm for you. Give it a couple of days, and this feeling will pass. Do the best you can and take some time off and enjoy life. Sometimes Capricorns just work too darn hard.

AQUARIUS:  Music soothes the soul or inspires the spirit. Enjoy some melodies today and don’t be afraid to dance. An impromptu dance party with some friends or hitting a dance club could be in order. Even just dancing at home with that special someone could create wonderful memories.

PISCES: Your creativity is running high, and you are more visual than usual. Planning on going to a museum this weekend it would be a relaxing way to spend some time while satisfying your creativity. Also, if you are seeking a fantasy get away, go and enjoy that new book for a few hours.

Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

ARIES: You may be feeling a little mellow today. The softer side of your personality is showing through. Time for a rest. You have been burning the candle at both ends.  Curl up, and order take-in. Enjoy the quiet.  Be good to yourself today and shut the world out for a bit.

TAURUS: You may be thinking about redecorating. Everyone knows how much you enjoy a beautiful living space. Get out the color swatches and enjoy the makeover. For you, the planning is part of the fun. You may be able to recruit some friends to help with the heavy lifting whether it be furniture or drinks.

GEMINI: Patience is a virtue. You can run, but you are not going to be able to hide from the ones who whine and complain today. Better to plug in the headset and ignore rather than respond.  This is a short cycle and will pass within a few days.Try to remember; they really don’t want advice; they want to complain.

CANCER: Children may play a major role around you today. Enjoy them. Read to them. Tell them stories and fuel their imagination. Always a good story teller yourself they will hang on your every word. If you have ever considered writing a book, this could be the day. Your talents are showing.

LEO: Intuitive dreams are the highlight of the day. Pay attention. They could give you some real insights into how to handle a difficult situation. Not one to sulk over slights, a recent slight could cause concern and bewilderment.  Don’t worry the air will clear shortly.

VIRGO: Try to have a little tolerance for the dreamers especially on the job. It may be hard to keep co-workers or employees on track today. Try to lead by example. A good day to commit to a major purchase if you have done your research.

LIBRA: The Pisces moon could temper your enthusiasm today. Not a bad thing considering you have been on an all time high. This will give you a chance to take your energy level down a few notches. Recharge, sleep and dream peacefully today.

SCORPIO: Feeling extra attractive today. You are exuding a very sensual aura. Spending time with a special loved one would be the best way to make today special indeed. Looking for a new love the planets are conspiring to give you your wish.

SAGITTARIUS: Not the best day to run a risk or take a gamble. Better to play it safe. Significant opportunities are coming over the next couple of weeks.It’s okay to feel stifled every once in awhile. Look ahead and smile. Your time is coming.

CAPRICORN: You may find yourself caring for a loved one. You are very competent in this role as you are amazing at multitasking. People are looking to you to lead, and you won’t disappoint them. Common sense is your middle name, and your communication is strong today.

AQUARIUS:  A little fantasy is good for the soul. Doing some affirmations can further your goals for the future.Don’t be in a hurry or you could make mistakes.Take some time to plan for the future while enjoying the present. Tell that special someone how much you care.

PISCES: Try to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. It may feel easy to drift away. Shake it off because there will be some important business decisions to be made and you need your wits about you. Need a break- plan for a pleasant easy going evening.

It’s Thursday, for most people one more day of work!

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ARIES: Feeling on top of the world. Looking good and people notice it. If you are feeling very passionate, it should come as no surprise as you seem to exude confidence and attracting compatible partners. If you are already in a relationship fell free to heat it up, your partner will be grateful.

TAURUS: Your stubborn side seems to show today. No need to double down. It really is okay to listen to what someone else has to say even if you don’t agree with them. Burning bridges is not in your best interest. It would be wise to hold your tongue and process what was said before acting on the information.

GEMINI:  Running on all cylinders especially the mental ones. You can see the outcome to a situation much more quickly than those around you. Guide them to your point of view. Be tactful, and you will be heard. This is a great day to amaze others with your talents.

CANCER:  Feeling dreamy. Stretch your imagination today and get out of the rut. A trip to the water could revitalize you. No access to water take a very relaxing bath. Start looking at the travel sites. A much-needed vacation is on the way.

LEO: You may feel the need to negotiate a raise. Money does appear to be on the horizon, and you certainly are deserving. Trust your instincts as to when you should make the request, and arm yourself with all the reasons you deserve the increase. All things considered, luck should be on your side.

VIRGO: If you are feeling detached from others, you can remain that way, or you can jump in and socialize. The choice is yours. Just know that people enjoy your company and feel comfortable being around you. Reach out to individuals who make you feel good.

LIBRA:  Time to look ahead. Where do you see yourself in a year? You seem to be going through a lucky cycle take advantage of it. Some thoughts could be swirling around about having a business of your own or growing your business if you already have one.

SCORPIO:  Expect some good family news over the next couple of weeks. Celebrations and social invitations are all around you. A great time to relax and enjoy life. Music may be playing a role if nothing else it is a great mood elevator.

SAGITTARIUS: Someone may accuse you of being cold. Not you! Never! A little detached maybe. You may feel the need to defend yourself. Don’t worry simply turn on your never ending charm and they will fall under your spell and understand how you think.

CAPRICORN: You may be thinking about changing your look. A total makeover. May have something to do with a love interest. New look dancing the night away not a bad way to spend your time. Your taste is impeccable so go for it.

AQUARIUS:  Life can be easy with the moon in your sign. Try to pay attention to those around you, so they don’t feel ignored. Take some time and do one or two things on your own. It will feel good to spend some quality time alone. It is a juggling act between yourself and what others need to Take your time and plan accordingly.

PISCES:  Money is a highlight today. Some extra expense that you weren’t counting on but not to worry, you will re-budget easily. Whatever the purchase you will be glad you made it later on as it will save you money in the future.

Happy Hump Day!

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ARIES: Take some time out to enjoy the people and things that you love. Get ready to mingle with like minded people. These interactions could prove very favorable down the road.  Your aura exudes confidence, and people will be very happy to follow your lead. Do try to take some time to eat properly today.

TAURUS: Feeling very relaxed and in control today. Others will be drawn to the calm that surrounds you. You can take on some extra responsibility with ease. Thinking about making some dietary changes today would be the perfect day to begin.

GEMINI: Trying to take on too many projects could lead to failure. Scale down and take your time. Your energy continues to be high but gets some needed rest. Watch a good movie read a book or take time with a good friend-unwind. Save your strength you will need it.

CANCER: You may feel like going your own way today. Shopping for a new outfit may be just the answer. Never hurts to have that really cute outfit ready to wear. Smile at strangers your charisma is showing and you never know who will smile back.

LEO: Breaking out of your shell today. Look at the world. I have arrived. Floating on a wave of popularity you may be considering hosting a party.  Invitations are pouring in after all people love to have you in attendance. A good time to buy or plant flowers.

VIRGO: Try to remove yourself from arguments especially if they are not directly related to you. Picking sides or making judgments could lead to lost friendships. Simply smile and go about your business. A new job opportunity could be on the horizon.

LIBRA: Feeling lucky? The tide is turning in your favor. A  little gambling could prove lucky. It looks like the diet is working. Feeling proud of all that hard work and effort.Decisions come easier today. You have all of the facts that you need to make good decisions. Don’t second guess yourself.

SCORPIO: Gossip Gossip Gossip. Keep it to yourself. People are just telling you too much. You know that you are a good listener, but this is crazy. Might not be a bad idea to redirect their energy into something more constructive. Important note don’t share anything personal about yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: Feeling rather free today and happy. Share your feelings and make someone’s day even more special. Your ability to get along with everyone comes easy to you, and someone might ask how you do it. Being in the limelight and feeling like the life of the party is something you might want to get used to for awhile.

CAPRICORN:  The general mood is lighter. You might want to have a few laughs today. Kick back and laugh out loud. Find a close buddy and hang out. If you have a special someone snuggle close. The workload is becoming lighter so you can make some weekend plans without worry.

AQUARIUS: Well what Aquarius does not enjoy the Moon in their sign? No guilt. No worries. You may even feel like taking a walk on the wild side. Life is good over the next couple of days. Enjoy the freedom that you are feeling. You may meet a very friendly attractive stranger.

PISCES:  Today might be the day to book that mini class that you have been thinking about. You may feel like being more physically active than usual take advantage of this because exercise is actually good for you. Activities help to get your head out of the clouds.

Happy Tuesday!

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ARIES: Expect the unexpected but in a very good way. Surprises are in store for you. Get ready to book that trip. Your energy level remains high, and everything seems to flow and go your way. Take advantage of this positive cycle and put it to practical use.

TAURUS: A great day to overhaul your finances. In other words, restructure your spending and savings program. Finding the right professionals to help you should be easy under these aspects. Remember a budget doesn’t have to mean sacrifice just knowledgeable spending.

GEMINI: Feeling chatty? That’s good because you have an audience eager to hear what you have to say. Your communication flows easily today-verbal as well as written. If you have ever considered writing a blog, today is a great day to begin the project. Be the peacemaker.

CANCER: You may feel like keeping a low profile today, and it’s okay to take time for yourself and clear your energy.A great day to get a massage or some other type of self-care service. You are always taking care of others time to take care of yourself. No guilt!

LEO: Karma plays a role in your life today. If you have done something rectify it, and if someone has wronged you forgive. When you forgive your enemy, you free yourself. Today is about your freedom from restrictions judgments and all negativity. Clean the state and get ready for a new cycle.

VIRGO:  Work, work, work, and more work. Good thing you are good at your job. Expect higher- ups to notice your efforts and reward you in the near future.  However, there is a fine line between hard work and being taken advantage of, know the difference.Work smart and don’t be afraid to delegate.

LIBRA:  Your love life could heat up today. Being noticed by a love interest looks very possible today. Your efforts to maintain your appearance have not gone unnoticed by others. Many are admiring your great taste and style. Don’t be surprised if people ask where you shop.

SCORPIO:  People look up to you and listen when you talk. You may find yourself in a leadership role don’t shy away. You have so much to offer through your wisdom, and natural instincts use these traits to further yourself professionally. Dream and reach for the stars.

SAGITTARIUS: You may consider taking on a new hobby something physical of course. Always looking for another outside interest and eager to make new friends, you might consider some volunteer work. Known for being a humanitarian, picking a cause dear to your heart will inspire you.

CAPRICORN: You may agree to take on additional responsibility today. After all, you do love to be of service to others. Also if you have been putting off any routine medical visits, you may want to schedule them today. Why? Because you will be having too much fun later.

AQUARIUS:  Expect an invite from a small group of friends. Go out and have fun. You may meet a new person who expresses an interest in you.  Always looking to make new friends welcome them into the group. Looking for romance, this is a good day.

PISCES: Shake off the dream state because work is calling. Time to apply that practical side of your personality to accomplish this goal. Your negotiation skills are at an all-time high use them to your advantage. Plan on taking in a film.

Oh no! It’s Monday!

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ARIES: Can’t wait to get started this week and have it all. Busy busy busy. Expect good conversations. You may find yourself whispering words of love to a significant other. Don’t hold back on your thoughts or feelings but keep it soft. A good day to make plans for the rest of the week.

Taurus: Feeling a little lazy today? No big deal your energy level will pick up later in the week. Just do your best and keep smiling. Use your charm to convince others to help you. Folks will feel happy just being around you.

GEMINI: A little caution or you may find yourself tripping over your own feet. Your energy level continues to be high. Don’t expect others to keep up with you as you are far ahead of the crowd. If you are feeling alone or isolated slowdown and let others catch up. A certain someone would love to get on your page.

CANCER: Home, family, pets, and responsibilities, in general, begin your week. Sort through the challenges early in the day. Decisions that you make this week will have a long-term implication for the future. But don’t worry because with the moon in Capricorn your decisions will be grounded in logic.

LEO: You may experience a feeling of deja vu today. Normally more of a doer than a thinker, this experience could unearth a forgotten memory. This memory could serve to fuel some future favorable action this week.

VIRGO: Slow and steady wins the race. A personal interaction will melt your heart today. Spreading the love is okay. A charity gets your attention. If you feel like you are all over the place, relax because all the pieces come together.

LIBRA: Lucky lucky lucky. Don’t take on more than you can do. It seems everyone wants your help to know when to say no. Today is about looking good and feeling good. Thinking about an exercise routine go for it, after all, it never hurts to look even better.

SCORPIO: If you are feeling a little down today, just go with it. A special someone will go out of their way to cheer you up. You may receive an invitation that is sure to be a fun time.  On the up side, your clarity of thinking could help you to make a decision concerning your finances.

SAGITTARIUS: A work project may have you feeling frustrated in the morning, but you will see the light by early afternoon. Not the best day to get into unproductive discussions with difficult people as they will not appreciate their thought process. Save your energy for your admirers.

CAPRICORN: A great day to get to the bottom of a mystery. Hidden information is coming to the surface. You should not be too surprised by these developments as your instincts are on target. Your intuitive ability is at an all time high.

AQUARIUS: If you are finding life a bit boring, cheer up this is more of a mood than a reality. Make your excitement by extending an invitation to someone and enjoying the company of another. In the meantime focusing on work will provide you with future rewards.

PISCES: Feeling creatively blocked remember this is a temporary cycle. Need help unblocking try a change of scenery today. Treating your senses to new stimuli will ignite your brain with new ideas. Can’t make a trip to a museum visit one online.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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ARIES (MARCH 21ST- APRIL 19TH)  Always direct about your feelings, you may want to temper your excitement today and listen to what others are saying particularly in family situations. You may sense that someone close is looking to pick a fight with you best to let it go and focus on the positive things going on around you. If unavoidable, take a deep breath and listen quietly before responding. Your words are very powerful today and will be remembered so chose them carefully.

TAURUS (APRIL 20TH- MAY 20TH) With the Sun In Taurus look to the future and plot a course for the next year. Don’t be discouraged by what others may say. The Sun in your sign is showing you a clear path to help you on your journey. You may feel influenced to make a change around career with an emphasis on higher education. Whatever you do you will commit to with your entire heart and soul.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)  If you find yourself unable to relax or unwind, write that to do list and start tackling it. Your energy is boundless. Fidgeting even more than usual try a burst of exercise or a quick meditation and get refocused. A wonderful day to combine that physical and mental energy by putting it to good use. You may find a buried treasure long forgotten while cleaning out the garage or attic.

CANCER (JUNE 21ST-JULY 22ND) Feeling very loving today and basking in the love of others is the perfect way to spend a lovely Sunday. Enjoy family and relationship interaction it is most rewarding. You might find yourself a little surprised by someone complimenting you who normally is a bit standoffish. Take the compliment a forge a stronger bond. People are reaching out and gravitating to you showing their appreciation. Enjoy the glow.

LEO (JULY 23RD- AUGUST 22ND) If you have been feeling a bit underwhelmed-cheer up. The party is getting ready to restart. Always center stage be gracious and allow others to share in the limelight. Recognition for and accolades are coming in small doses today with the promise of more praise to come. You have been focused on your projects and the results of your hard work are stunning.

VIRGO (AUGUST 23RD- SEPTEMBER 22ND) Keep your eye on the prize. No stranger to hard work and detail take the time to add the finishing touches to something you have been working on. Your critical eye could help someone avoid a serious error in judgement. You can be counted on to voice your opinion with out criticism. Someone will seek your advice and be grateful for the help. Expect good news.

LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 23RD – OCTOBER 22ND) No need to worry about making decisions today just sit back and enjoy life a bit. Expect to play the part of the diplomat today with good results. People enjoy your sense of fairness use your charm to turn frowns into smiles. Children are especially fun as their laughter is infectious causing a bit of nostalgia while subconsciously planting an idea for the future.

SCORPIO (OCTOBER 23RD – NOVEMBER 21ST)  Taking off the blinders and seeing the situation for what it really is may not be pleasant at the moment but beneficial in the near future. No need to stress. Your powers of intuition typically lead you in the right direction and today is no exception. Take a practical approach to problems no need to overreact as most will sort themselves out without your help. Great day to lose yourself in a book.

SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER 22ND- DECEMBER 21ST) A wonderful day to just kick back and have some fun. Don’t have plans be spontaneous. The masses can take care of themselves for a day. Enjoy pampering yourself  with a good meal and conversation. Try to avoid the people who bring you down as they can strip away your energy today. Concentrate on recharging your battery. It’s okay to be a little selfish.

CAPRICORN (DECEMBER 22ND – JANUARY 19TH)  Always sensible and pragmatic you are able to see each  trees in the forest. Do a little soul searching today.With the moon in your sign, your intuition should be at an all time high. Making decisions should come easy today. Expect support from those closest to you. A calm peaceful day feeling good about yourself. Enjoy the quiet.

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20TH- FEBRUARY 18TH) Life is what you make it. No one to stand in your way. You are in charge. Reach out and reconnect with an old friend. Make plans for the week. Plan a vacation With the moon in Capricorn, you will follow your budget while making travel arrangements. A good day to relax and enjoy a comedy.Feeling a bit antsy go through wardrobe almost time for an upgrade.

PISCES (FEBRUARY 19TH- MARCH 20TH)  Feeling a bit dreamy today. It’s a good day to shut out the world and only let your most trusted and loved in. Fantasy is good for the soul and feeling whimsical is even better. Indulge yourself with a luxury whether it is  a good meal a great dessert or an expensive bottle of wine. Your dream state is getting more intense would not hurt to keep a dream journal. Naturally psychic a good day to play your hunches.

Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

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ARIES (MARCH 21ST- APRIL 19TH) Your most intimate relationships may be affected by today’s astrological influences. You may feel restrained or limited by the actions and behavior of a loved one. You may be able to find inner peace by committing yourself to making your needs known to the people who care most about you. Aries is prone to feeling slighted when their patience isn’t rewarded, but through working with their irritability they may find a sense of serenity regardless of the response of others.

TAURUS (APRIL 20TH- MAY 20TH) You may need to hunker down and make an honest effort to understand your current financial dilemmas. Maybe the best way to go about doing this is to avoid using the word “finances” at all and treat this endeavor as one of evaluating your resources. You are prone to easy frustration and withdrawal when it comes to your dealings with money at this time. If you are able to maintain a focus on your priorities and the steps you need to take this could be a period of good fortune for you.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH) Your energy is focused on risk-taking behavior at this point in search of a large reward. Gemini may not be the most intrinsically “lucky” sign, but their chaotic behavior sometimes pushes them towards taking chances. Make sure to pay attention to what you are wagering on a subjective or literal level. If at all possible, maintain control over your tendency to gamble with your life until the end of the retrograde period.

CANCER (JUNE 21ST-JULY 22ND) The thing Cancer must remember today is to strive to take up as little space as possible in situations that don’t necessitate their presence. Your emotional sensitivity may lead you to try and solve issues that may not benefit from your involvement. That being said, maintain an awareness of the advice you give today, and whether or not it is objectively being asked for.

LEO (JULY 23RD- AUGUST 22ND) Your social intuition may sometimes lead you to believe you provide more of a positive presence for others than you may be currently offering. Now is not the time to follow your gut instincts when it comes to reacting to the emotional needs of others. If at all possible, use today to focus on your own self-care, and save your interpersonal dealings for another time.

VIRGO (AUGUST 23RD- SEPTEMBER 22ND) Your numerous talents today may be the source of attraction for those around you. In social situations you are a magnetizing influence, drawing passionate and positive people and energies near to you. You have the ability to be selective with your social circle at this time, so make a point to weed out the people who you are prone to negative interaction with. Don’t waste your time coming up with excuses to continue relationships with people who offer nothing to you on your path towards actualization.

LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 23RD – OCTOBER 22ND) Today you may be prone to over reaction to a source of frustration that you are currently dealing with. If Libra is able to practice a sort of balanced patience with their endeavors at this point, then they are likely to succeed. Not all triumphs come as quickly as you would hope, but when you feel challenged it is mostly indicative of the fact that you are moving in the right direction.

SCORPIO (OCTOBER 23RD – NOVEMBER 21ST) Today you are urged to practice a bit of patience in your dealings with others. You are prone to an emotional disposition that may have you focusing your stress onto those around you. Finding a manageable and healthy outlet for this energy is important at this point, and will help to relieve unnecessary tension in the days to come.

SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER 22ND- DECEMBER 21ST) Your impulses lead you towards undertakings that keep your sense of independence and your pursuit of freedom in mind. The only problem with this thought process is how easy it becomes to disregard the benefits of pathways that don’t immediately attract your rebellious Aquarian ways. While you are an expert at trying new things, you are still a sort of novice to making secure, stable choices.

CAPRICORN (DECEMBER 22ND – JANUARY 19TH) You pursue a realistic approach to life at this moment that draws together your eye for detail and your natural intuition. You have a collector’s mentality towards harnessing the memories and emotions that you’ve experienced and cataloging them accordingly. Today you dwell on the positive, drawing from your well-spring of passionate and particularly enjoyable experiences in order to energize the course of your day’s efforts.

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20TH- FEBRUARY 18TH) Today you are given the opportunity to explore new approaches to your current relationships. Your interpersonal dealings with others may sometimes be a source of frustration for you. You are encouraged to make the appropriate changes where you see fit, and to apply new strategies to the way you interact with your social circle.

Happy Thursday!

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ARIES (MARCH 21ST- APRIL 19TH) You may feel that your mood changes radically depending on who you find yourself around. There is no problem with having diverse opinions on those you surround yourself with, just make sure you aren’t conforming your disposition to the demands of others. That being said, try to practice asserting your choice over who you spend time with. If you just can’t avoid someone who you are repulsed by, due to restrictions of your current environment, then you need to make the appropriate changes.

TAURUS (APRIL 20TH- MAY 20TH) Your pursuit of physical pleasure may lead you to following your hearts will at this moment. There is a keen connection between your true desires and your physical sense of intuition. You are encouraged to follow your “gut instinct” at this point. Today only, you are granted the ability to direct yourself towards the genuine trappings set by your universal destiny.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH) You present an independent self-awareness at this point that encourages others to follow your lead, regardless of if you’re actually going anywhere. Your focus is occupied with intellectual pursuits, that while subjective in quality, necessitate your physical energy and your real dedication. A subtle reminder to not count your eggs before they hatch is solid advice for the ambitious Gemini at this time.

CANCER (JUNE 21ST-JULY 22ND) Today you are able to practice a genuine social ability reminiscent of the wise empaths of our time. This energy is granted to you towards basing your relationships off of your natural desire to feel for others. Try not to get overcome by the power of your own intuition, because it may lead you down deceptive or self-indulgent tunnels. You do not feel the need to compete with others, or prove your worth to those around you.

LEO (JULY 23RD- AUGUST 22ND) You may come off as a selfish brute today, wielding your own desires of the needs of others. You can combat the onset of the repulsive presentation by discovering the true aspirations of those around you. Make an honest effort to understand the wishes of those around you and stay determined in presenting genuine empathy.

VIRGO (AUGUST 23RD- SEPTEMBER 22ND) A shy, shrewd sort of energy may overcome Virgo at this point. The most important thing for Virgo remember during this influence is to surround themselves with people that are respectful and tolerant of them. You do not need to acknowledge people who are mistreating you as worthy of your attention.

LIBRA (SEPTEMBER 23RD – OCTOBER 22ND) Today may present an intense energy that has Libra feeling animalistic and impulsive. This instinctive energy is good for getting to the bottom of situations that just don’t seem right for one reason or another. You have tendency of becoming obsessive at this point that should be avoided.

SCORPIO (OCTOBER 23RD – NOVEMBER 21ST) A person in your life may be demanding too much emotional energy for you, and in one way or another you need to tell them to back off. Compromise is hard for Scorpio, and so is constantly meeting the needs of those around you. Allowing others to mistreat you will leave you feeling deeply unsatisfied with whatever environment you find yourself in.

SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER 22ND- DECEMBER 21ST) You look for meaning and depth within your interactions with others today. You demand a philosophical dynamic from everything you come in contact with, and not everything is responsive to this desire. It may become obvious that you need to change certain aspects of your life in order to appease your need for intellectual excitement.

CAPRICORN (DECEMBER 22ND – JANUARY 19TH) Your hard work and rational dedication pays off today in a way that provides you confidence in the path you’ve chosen. If you are able to remain honest with yourself then the world will provide you with the fruits of your honest labor. You may become aware of the web manifesting while you are working to strengthen as you weave your achievements into place.

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20TH- FEBRUARY 18TH) You are presented with an unpredictable and exciting energy at this point. Through supporting and understanding those around you, you raise your chances of solid opportunities coming your way. Your karmic faculties may present you with the product of a past process that you’ve been challenged by. Your big plans may very well bring about big rewards if you are willing to put them into action.

PISCES (FEBRUARY 19TH- MARCH 20TH) You are given the power of observation over yourself today. This is a great time for processing the world around you with a sense of artistic integrity, and a general love for life. Take a moment to feel gratefulness for the beauty that you are blessed with if you feel it is appropriate to do so.