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Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

ARIES: You may not take too kindly to being criticized. Attempt to put it into perspective. In other words, who is doing the criticizing and why? Just a suggestion but you might want to try listening before reacting.

TAURUS: A hunch you took could pay off today. Sometimes you don’t give yourself enough credit when it comes to sizing up people or situations. It wouldn’t hurt to use your psychic talents a bit more.
GEMINI: Not everyone has a great sense of humor. Or for that matter, not everyone likes practical jokes. Use caution when targeting your audience. The Moon in Cancer may cause hurt feelings.
CANCER: You may be taking stock of the future today. The Sun is exiting your sign, and the Moon has entered Cancer. Where are you headed and where are you going? Making plans can be exciting and fun. No need to worry.
LEO: Humdrum! Humdrum! Humdrum! You may be looking for excitement and someone to share it with. Follow your instincts, and you find people who are very happy to have fun with you. After all, that’s why they invented Happy Hour.
VIRGO: You may have to dip into the savings for a home repair. Don’t worry you will quickly replenish whatever is spent. It could be a good time to look into the home appliance plans.
LIBRA: You could be feeling very grounded today. If so take advantage of it and write down your short and long term goals along with the needed steps to reach a conclusion.
SCORPIO: You may find yourself defending someone who is under attack by a bully. Always clever with words you can cut so deep they don’t even feel the pain until everyone else is laughing.
SAGITTARIUS: If you earn your living through sales, the sky is the limit. Contracts and paperwork are all around you for the next few weeks. With all of the money, you will be earning you can easily afford to treat yourself to the item you have had your eye on.
CAPRICORN: Take a break put your feet up and let your guard down. Someone wants your attention. Take a break and play. You will be so glad that you did.
AQUARIUS: You might want to show that special someone just how much you love and appreciate them. Plan a special evening or weekend and feel the love.
PISCES: You may reach out, or an old friend may reach out. Either way, there is a connection on the horizon. It’s nice to go back and reminisce.

Friday is almost here which means the weekend is almost here!

ARIES: Food, drinks, and socializing with friends seems to be on the agenda over the next couple of days. If you are hosting any social occasions, try doing the logistics well in advance.

TAURUS:  Work or classes should be going well for you. Any educational pursuit is highlighted during this time as is learning a language.
GEMINI: You are on top of your game today, and in any interaction, your communication skills are top notch. Consequently, this is a good time to have a conversation with a superior. It’s days like today that make you wonder about enrolling in law school.
CANCER: A good day to come out of your shell and have a good time. Maybe take a long lunch with friends or co workers. The Gemini Moon may inspire you to be extra social. You may even feel encouraged to join a social group or take a class for fun.
LEO: Wow it appears that you just have it all. You are entering into a cycle which could prove very fortuitous. Wishes could be granted. If you are unattached be on the lookout for that special someone.
VIRGO: You could be spending some time assisting a friend or family member with a medical concern. You have the ability to soothe a troubled mind and help the other person to see a positive solution.
LIBRA: You may be tempted to reach into your nest egg and splurge on a good time. You might want to wait until the Moon enters the sign of Cancer before following through on your idea.
SCORPIO: You may be faced with having to make a choice or a decision between two things.  Don’t take too long deciding or you could lose a good opportunity.
SAGITTARIUS: Fun is coming to a town near you. Enjoy it because if you have been doing what you should, you have been working really hard. Try to schedule time for rest, relaxation, and fun. Above all try and be patient.
CAPRICORN: Finances are coming to the forefront. This could end up being the beginning of a very good future foundation for you. Spend or invest money wisely.
AQUARIUS: You might feel like you are rowing your boat in a circle. If so try to determine why that might be. Above all else today-think before you speak.
PISCES: With Neptune residing in Pisces, you may be asking yourself why you are having difficulty concentrating. Your artistic side wants to take over and be creative. Allow for balance, and you will accomplish a great deal.

Happy Hump Day!

ARIES: If you want something, go after it. Express yourself and ask for what you want. If this is a longer term goal start to make a plan to reach this goal, taking the small steps necessary. Don’t be swayed by negative people.

TAURUS: Someone could do you a rather big favor today or at the very least offer you their assistance. You do get back what you put out. Family could play a role today in making you feel loved and cherished.
GEMINI: Feeling flirty you may want to go out on the town and enjoy some attention. If you work in a field dependent on communication, the words will just flow out of your month in the most persuasive manner.
CANCER: You may be feeling attention deprived. Not usually one to need a great deal of recognition you may be feeling invisible. It might be a good time to examine why you tend to take a back seat. It’s okay to be noticed you have plenty to offer.
LEO: Life could be taking a turn for the better today- perhaps the ending of a negative cycle which has been long overdue. As a matter of fact, a lucky period is beginning for you. Take advantage of this new cycle and envision a better future.
VIRGO: Though you normally enjoy the comfort that routines bring even you may suffer from boredom occasionally. The Universe may give you the opportunity to switch it up. Grab the opportunity and shake up your life a bit. This change could bring much happiness.
LIBRA: An unexpected invitation may arrive via email or snail mail. Perhaps it will give you an opportunity to reconnect with family members that you haven’t seen in a long time.
SCORPIO: You may have a desire to connect with a different culture or historical period. Your mind seems to be thirsting for knowledge, and perhaps a trip to a foreign land or simply a museum could quench your thirst.
SAGITTARIUS: Someone could give you a financial tip which could be worth investigating as your finances appear to be improving. If you have an interest in stocks, bonds, and finances, in general, this would be a good time to take a class or a seminar.
CAPRICORN: Children may be asking questions that you are not prepared to answer.
AQUARIUS: You and a significant other may be thinking about taking a romantic trip. If unattached a singles adventure may be in order.
PISCES:  Gossip Gossip Gossip. Don’t believe everything you hear and don’t spread misinformation. Keep it to yourself until verified.

Happy Tuesday!  Hope you had a great start of the week!

ARIES: You might decide to stop and start and restart a situation. If the matter is practical, think on it for a few weeks and try to make a permanent decision. If the situation is emotional, you might decide to end the roller coaster ride.
TAURUS: You might want to fall in love and be romantic or even just be inspired to be romantic. Turn on your charm. It can be very difficult to ignore you when you are feeling determined. With the Moon in Taurus, persuading others to dance to your tune should prove easy.
GEMINI: It might be time to revamp your wardrobe. A job interview is on the horizon by all means dress to impress. You might spend a bit more than you would like but consider it an investment for the future.
CANCER: People in authority appear to be noticing you. A favorable opportunity is coming your way. Partially because of a job well done and partially due to luck. This opportunity could redirect your life path and place you on a different journey.
LEO: Your softer side is shining through today. You could get what you want with just a smile and the word, please. Mars is still in your sign so try to curb impulses. Making plans is the best way to reach your goals at the present time.
VIRGO: Life may be feeling a little dull, but you might prefer it that way. Routine and predictability could help you to accomplish a goal without distraction. Take advantage of the quiet it won’t last.
LIBRA: You may want to end the day with dinner and drinks. Alone or with friends you will find others who are delighted to engage with you. Shaking off the dust after a long day could prove relaxing.
SCORPIO: You might be planning on doing a bit of landscaping whether a DIY or hiring a professional the outcome should look terrific. Playing in the garden can ground a person and alleviate stress.
SAGITTARIUS: If you have recently had a major upheaval in your life, expect things to get better and improve even though you are still adapting to change. The Universe pulls the rug out from under us for a reason. It’s easier to just go with it the outcome will be amazing.
CAPRICORN: No point in resisting any change that is out of your control. It appears that there could be a significant job change for someone above you which would ultimately impact you. But the result can be good.
AQUARIUS: Yes you can be very gifted, and you may love to pick up new hobbies. Just try to stay a little focused this week. Family members may be looking for your attention. Perhaps you can include them in your new adventure.
PISCES: Try to keep up this week. Between feeling distracted and on overload, you may not be sure of what to do first. Break big jobs down into little steps. Also making a list might help your mind to stay on track.

Happy Monday!  It is the start of a new work week!

ARIES: You may be feeling very determined to make an important change in your life. Meeting with an expert will help you to make the correct choices. You may want to take it slowly and proceed in a step by step basis.
Taurus: You may want to spend some time at home with close friends and family. Perhaps planning a family trip or outing. A house party could be on the agenda.Whatever you chose to do make sure that you surround yourself with loving, caring,  positive people. And anything you plan will be a success.
GEMINI: Prepare to be dazzled. Gemini, if you are in a relationship, you may be feeling playful and flirtatious. If you are looking for a mate, turn on that Gemini charm after all you have Venus in your sign might as well take advantage of the extra help.
CANCER: If you are feeling lucky go for it. You should be receiving an omen of good luck and good fortune. Financial matters are about to take a turn for the better. Expect situations to change rapidly.
LEO: You possess keen insight into a situation that seems to have everyone else confused. Only you can decide whether or not to share the knowledge. Just remember sometimes they shoot the messenger.
VIRGO: You could be feeling tired today especially if you have been working hard and playing hard. Take a break and schedule something relaxing. This is a good day to clear your mind and make plans.
LIBRA: The party is still going, and you may be in the middle of it. Continue to enjoy the effects of Jupiter in Libra just watch your waistline and try not to go overboard.
SCORPIO: You may be making an expensive home purchase this month. If you shop around you could find a great deal on the desired item. Don’t be surprised if one purchase leads to another. That’s okay it’s in the budget.
SAGITTARIUS: If you have been working too much take some time to recharge. With Saturn in Sagittarius, it may be difficult to take downtime. Schedule it in. Regular periods of relaxation will keep you mentally and physically sharp and healthy.
CAPRICORN: You may be thinking seriously about your future today. You might decide that you want to make an investment for future security. Always practical do your research and speak to the experts and make your decision. It’s always a good idea to have a nest egg.
AQUARIUS: Feeling antsy? Try not to push too many limits today. You could be feeling restricted over the next couple of days. Plan something fun to distract yourself. It’s a temporary phase and taking some you time should solve the problem.
PISCES: Feeling playful? You may just love being in love. Take advantage of the warm, cozy feelings and reach out to that special someone. An extra long lunch date may be in order.

It’s Sunday!  May you have a restful and relaxing day!

ARIES:  Focus on the positive side of your personality today and not allow anyone to disrupt your flow. Ignore negative people and follow your instincts. If in a relationship this may not be the day to discuss important issues.

TAURUS: You may be feeling more inspired than usual. This is a great time to take the plunge and get involved in a new activity. No sense sitting on the sidelines join in and have fun. Some of you may be taking a hobby to the next level.
GEMINI: I feel pretty oh so pretty. The prefect day to go out and be seen. Whether alone or with others you are sure to attract attention. Flirtation is in the air. You may encounter someone you haven’t seen in some time.
CANCER: Give and receive invitations this month. Just say yes. Expanding your social circle could lead to a big change in life style both personally and professionally.
LEO: You don’t  always have to have the last word. You know that you are right that is all that matters. Today is a day to enjoy life and avoid conflicts. If people are annoying fly solo.
VIRGO: Today may be the day to take a necessary action. Perhaps you have been patient long enough and changes need to occur. Another person will give you the opportunity you need to address the situation.
LIBRA: Celebration, parties and invitations throughout the summer just watch your waistline. You might want to show someone how much you appreciate them today.
SCORPIO: Shaking your head at just how dumb some people really are. Use all of your self control to just walk away and save your time and energy for more important battles.
SAGITTARIUS: If you have been going through a tough time, take a break and give yourself a reward. Saturn in Sagittarius could be making life less festive and possibly more draining. Try to see it as a learning period.
CAPRICORN: A family matter may be causing you concern. Being a logical practical person, your input would be helpful just try to remember that others may not be as practical as yourself so be tolerant.
AQUARIUS: Sunday is funday. Be prepared to have a rocking good time. You may even wind up being the life of the party. Put off all worries until tomorrow and just enjoy yourself.
PISCES: You want decide to go to the park or the beach and enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature today. If you are artistic, your creative juices may be working overtime.

Happy Saturday!  Enjoy the weekend!

ARIES: You could find yourself feeling frustrated with how little others actually seem to do their fair share. With the Moon in Aries, you are more likely to express your true feelings with little regard for the consequences.

TAURUS: Some days you might just feel that the world has lost its mind. You may make an effort to something nice for someone this weekend. Basically a caring individual you find it easy to reach out to others and offer kindness.
GEMINI: You could decide to do something impulsive regarding your appearance perhaps a trendy new haircut, color, or style. You could feel like breaking out of a rut by doing anything out of the ordinary. Whatever you chose to do have fun.
CANCER: Take your time and use caution if you are planning on taking on a risky venture. With Mars in Cancer and the Moon in Aries, you may be feeling overly optimistic. Plan today and act on your ideas later in the month.
LEO: Communication will come easy for you this weekend. You exude confidence, and you could find others looking for your company. Definitely not a weekend to sit in alone. Go out and enjoy the company of others.
VIRGO: You could be feeling overly romantic and loving. Spend time with your family and loved ones. If in a relationship, this is a great weekend to make some special plans. If single perhaps you should let others in your circle know you are looking.
LIBRA: You could be asked to pitch in and do some type of volunteer work. A generous soul by nature you understand that what you give out to others you get back yourself.
SCORPIO: Plan on having some fun this weekend. You may even want to plan a getaway and celebrate some good news. Romance is in the air if you are open to it.
SAGITTARIUS: You have a good heart but don’t let others take advantage of your good nature. You could find yourself listening and advising someone close to you who has been having a hard time. You might want to draw the line when lending money.
CAPRICORN: This could be the best time to take action. You may be feeling motivated and may have gotten some sound advice from another that you greatly admire.
AQUARIUS: You may be feeling adventurous today and want others to share in the fun.Invite your friends to share in the good times. Happy memories are made this way.
PISCES: No matter what you do your angels seem to be watching over you this weekend. You could be a little forgetful and lose the keys to the house. Maybe even forget a name or two. Not to worry you just have a lot on your mind with such a busy week coming up.

Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

ARIES: Too much to do too little time. Ask for help and refuse to take on more responsibility until your workload is under control.

TAURUS: Career changes could be on the horizon. You may be thinking of adding a second income or starting your own business.
GEMINI: You may be considering a bit of home remodeling or redecorating. This should be a fun project so enjoy it.
CANCER: It seems like everything you touch is turning to gold. Talk about a lucky cycle. Capitalize on it.
LEO: If you are in sales or any type of communication field expect to get recognition for work well done. Perhaps even a bonus.
VIRGO: If you have been struggling with a home repair, you may decide to hire a professional and save yourself some time.
LIBRA: Rumors are circulating at work. Keep them to yourself. The person who is spreading the information may be misinformed.
SCORPIO: Working with a partner may feel very gratifying and will get the job done quicker. All types of partners are highlighted today.
SAGITTARIUS: You could come into some extra money that you were not expecting.
CAPRICORN: Try to keep your balance today both mentally and physically.
AQUARIUS: Expect secrets to be revealed. Not the best day to take things at face value or for granted.
PISCES: You might find yourself getting annoyed with people who you are minding your business and giving you unwanted advice. Breathe.

The weekend is almost here.  Happy Thursday!

ARIES: You might want to play it safe today as it is not the best time to push your luck. Someone might try to involve you in a scheme.

TAURUS: Some news or information may take you by surprise and cause you to think of the future and make decisions.
GEMINI: Although you may not be actively looking for a leadership role, one may come your way. Take the lead and see the project to a successful completion.
CANCER: If you are making a large purchase look for the best price and strike a bargain. With the money you save, you can treat yourself to something special.
LEO: Today might not be the best day to speak your mind. Pay attention and watch the situation. Take notes if necessary then address the problem.
VIRGO: Sudden or unexpected news may take you by surprise. You might want to keep the information to yourself at least for the time being.
LIBRA: You may have the opportunity to make major life changes. The decision will be yours to make. Choose wisely.
SCORPIO: You may inspire someone to improve their lot in life simply by being a great role model. Keep up the good work.
SAGITTARIUS: Reconnecting with friends or family members that you haven’t seen in a long time resurface over the next few months.
CAPRICORN: Something may come to an end, but a new opportunity will arise. You will discover a new life path.
AQUARIUS: You may decide to hone your skills by enrolling in a class or hiring a tutor.
PISCES: With the Moon in Pisces, you may want to put off making important decisions for the next week. Sticking with the status quo will serve you well at this time.

Happy Hump Day!

ARIES: You may be thinking about buying or leasing a vehicle. Transportation is highlighted today as are travel arrangements.

TAURUS: You may get what you have been hoping for only to panic when it is within reach.You are reaching a major goal do not fear success.
GEMINI: You may have an altercation with a difficult woman. Walk away and continue to walk. Some people are unreasonable.
CANCER: Keep your eye on your personal possessions as you may misplace, lose or have something stolen from you. 

LEO: If you have recently had an argument with someone you will have the opportunity to make up and clear the air.

VIRGO: You might get a pleasant surprise today which will put a smile on your face.
LIBRA: You may donate time money or both to a worthy cause. Lead, and others will follow your good example.
SCORPIO: You could be under some pressure because of family obligations and or arguments. This is a temporary problem so cooperate and do your best to resolve the matter.
SAGITTARIUS: Lucky day. Everything is going your way, and people are overly cooperative, Expect good news.
CAPRICORN: You could have difficulty with a younger female family member. Power struggles can be draining on everyone. Best to reach an agreement.
AQUARIUS: You could be celebrating some good news with a loved one. A loan application could be approved.
PISCES: You could receive some unexpected money this week. Your luck looks like it is about to take a turn for the better.

Happy Tuesday!

ARIES:  Some days could be better, and this is one of them. Work could be hectic, and people may be difficult to interact with. Plan on having drinks after work.

TAURUS: Your finances are improving, and you may come into some extra money this week. This is also a good week to look for bargains.
GEMINI: You may receive an invitation from an admirer, or you may hear good news from a family member. Expect family celebrations this month.
CANCER: A birth announcement might highlight the week. Family is playing a very important role this month as you may be caring for an ailing family member.
LEO: Finally, you can take a break step back and admire your hard work. A time-consuming project will reach a successful conclusion.
VIRGO: Giving or receiving advice is the theme of the day. If the receiver, listen carefully as the advice will help you in the future.
LIBRA: You may be considering closing the door on anything or anyone that no longer holds value in your life. If a door closes, a window opens.
SCORPIO: Don’t take on more than you can easily handle and try to avoid being taken advantage of by others today. Practice saying no.
SAGITTARIUS: Someone that you haven’t spoken to in some time may resurface. Good memories may resurface as well as strong emotions.
CAPRICORN: You may decide to take a class or a course for business or pleasure. Go for it. You will enjoy the challenge.
AQUARIUS: Don’t be so quick to walk away from a situation. Think it through as you may regret your decision tomorrow.
PISCES: You could find yourself caught in the middle of an argument. Try to resolve the matter quickly and remove yourself from the problem.

It’s Monday and the start of a new work week!

ARIES: You could have an unexpected romantic encounter today. If you are looking for a mate, smile pretty. If taken, show your partner how much you love them.

TAURUS: You could be spending some time with a special child today making memories. Children are great Chi, and you could find your mood greatly elevated.

GEMINI: Someone close may have a problem and need to talk it out. You are a good listener, and you even have sage advice to offer.
CANCER: Do something a little different to break up the monotony. If you feel like taking a day off go for it. Getting out of a rut will motivate your creative juices.
LEO: You might be thinking about a job change. A position that is more stimulating and could place you in the spotlight utilizing your powers of communication.
VIRGO: You might discover some old photographs and decide to gather them and organize them. This could actually be a fun family project. Keyword: Nostalgia.
LIBRA: Some news that you have been waiting on could be delivered today. You may also reach the end of a project. Results-Stellar!
SCORPIO: You can have help if you ask for it. Try not to become overburdened or overwhelmed as this will lead to stress and possible sickness.
SAGITTARIUS: A good day to call and make an appointment to get your car serviced. If in the market for a new vehicle begin your research.
CAPRICORN: You could receive good financial news today and decide to celebrate with some friends and make a party out of it. Enjoy!
AQUARIUS: If you are feeling aloof and distant, it could be that you require some alone time. Think about planning some downtime to recharge your battery.
PISCES: You could get bogged down with extra work. Do the best you can, and it will be appreciated.Being a team player will not go unnoticed.

It is Sunday!  A new work week begins tomorrow.

ARIES: Stay on course. If you make a decision you might want to stick to the plan. This is not a good time to be indecisive. If you say it do it.

TAURUS: When dealing with younger family members, you may find it necessary to set up some rather stick rules and guidelines.Sooner is much better than later.
GEMINI: A celebration could be in order. Embrace those you love and tell them how important they are to you.
CANCER: You are not in the mood for excuses. This is not the best day for someone to test your patience level as it is sorely lacking.
LEO: If you are socializing today, expect to be the life of the party. However,you may want to keep controversial opinions to yourself and avoid conflict.
VIRGO: Something that you misplaced or lost could be located today. Try cleaning out that spare drawer or closet.
LIBRA: You could socialize today and make a new friend or acquaintance. Your charm is showing and today would be the perfect day to share it with others.
SCORPIO: You could be a little difficult to please today as you expect excellence.Try to overlook other people’s failings. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
SAGITTARIUS: You could find yourself in knots over a certain situation. You might want to explore your feelings and act accordingly. Trust yourself.
CAPRICORN: Normally levelheaded and emotionally balanced, you could feel out of sorts. Too many tasks not enough time. Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.
AQUARIUS: You could have the opportunity to get back at an enemy. To take it or not to take it. It’s better Karma to take the higher road.
PISCES: If you have been putting off an unpleasant task, today is the perfect day to get the job done. Work today have fun next weekend.

Have a great Saturday!  Is it a day to relax or accomplish tasks?

ARIES: If you have been overindulging, you might decide to reevaluate your lifestyle and get on a healthy regime. The Moon in Capricorn with give you determination.

TAURUS: You could lash out at someone today and take them by surprise. You might want to explain your feelings to the person who caused your outburst.

GEMINI: You could experience some problems with family members over the next few days. Perhaps they expect more from you than you can provide at the moment.
CANCER: Someone or something inspires you to take an unexpected action. Never have you felt more determined to make a change or have a new beginning.
LEO: You could be feeling agitated and sending out mixed signals to others. Take some quiet time and do something you enjoy this weekend. Try not to take others so seriously.
VIRGO: Try to be patient if you are waiting for a response regarding an important matter. Decisions should be made within a two week period.
LIBRA: Someone new could take a romantic interest in you this weekend. Love is in the air, and you are feeling good. Enjoy the attention.
SCORPIO: Don’t let tensions build. If you have something to say, say it. Getting your feelings out into the open will prevent problems down the road.
SAGITTARIUS: Plan on having a fun filled weekend. Say yes to invitations that come your way. You might decide to plan an impromptu party of your own.
CAPRICORN: If you have been under a great deal of pressure lately, take some time for yourself. You may be considering a job or career change. Look for opportunities.
AQUARIUS: You may decide to take an unexpected trip this weekend. Spending time with someone special will help you to reconnect and appreciate them.
PISCES: You may have to take a very hard look at the way you handle your finances and reconfigure your spending.

Thank Goodness it’s Friday!

ARIES: Someone from the past could return. Surprise! If you are not attached, this could spell a major reconnection.

TAURUS: You could receive a gift from an admirer. At the very least you can expect words of praise. Do something out of the ordinary today.

GEMINI: A man could give you a difficult time and block your agenda. Try to see some way around him. You have influence use it.

CANCER: You may contemplate taking on a long term project. If you commit, it would be in your best interest to see it through. Think before you agree.

LEO: Partnership is on your mind. Business or personal as both are favorable. Expect everything to come in twos over the next few weeks.

VIRGO: Wedding bells are in the air, and you could be invited to a destination wedding. Committed relationships are strengthened this month.
LIBRA: Wow what a week. Relax and enjoy the weekend if you can. This would be a good time to work off that extra stress with some exercise that you enjoy.
SCORPIO: You may decide to move forward in starting a business. You certainly have the talents and abilities to accomplish this goal.
SAGITTARIUS: This is a great weekend to let your hair down and simply have fun. You have been working very hard and deserve a break. A blockage is removed.
CAPRICORN: You could find yourself suffering from insomnia. With a little research, you may discover the cause. If necessary seek the help of an expert.
AQUARIUS: Your love life could be heating up. Spending time with a special person is indicated and don’t be afraid to be the one who extends the invitation.
PISCES: You could butt heads with a woman. Try not to roll your eyes and watch your words. Some altercations are worth ignoring.